98.7% of dental plaque eliminated in 60 seconds!

Moddy, the ultrasonic toothbrush recommended by dentists.

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  • 98.7% of dental plaque eliminated

  • Recommended by dentists

  • Up to 3 times more efficient

  • 360° brushing

Whiten your teeth every time you brush!

The blue light ensures a whitening care while brushing. A technology approved and used by dentists, the patented LEDs offer a whitening effect within a few days, without damaging the enamel.

Moddy - Electric ToothBrush

$29.95 $60.00


What has tiny bristles, lives in your bathroom, and can house some of the nastiest germs you can think of. This Moddy Automatic Ultrasonic Electric Toothbrush is revolutionizing oral care as we know it. With its hundreds of individual anti-bacterial bristles vibrating at speeds up to 15,000 times per minute, it will have your teeth cleaner and whiter in just 45 seconds. Smile with confidence!

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2-in-1 brushing in 60 seconds

The soft silicone bristles brush effectively where a conventional toothbrush cannot. Light therapy offers a whitening treatment in 60 seconds for a radiant smile. Discover the new generation of 2-in-1 brushing.

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Conveniently designed to give you the ultimate experience in oral care. The 360 Degree Automatic Electric Toothbrush can be taken wherever you go. Whether you're going out of town or staying at home you can take this virtually anywhere.


    • Ultimate Convenience: The 360 Degree Electric Toothbrush is wireless and has a charge time of 90 minutes. Its portable design makes it easy and convenient to carry anywhere you go.
    • One Size Fits All: Our Hands-Free Electric Mouthpiece covers around each tooth making sure not one spot is missed.
  • Highly Efficient: The Ultra-Vibration of this sonic toothbrush has been proven to be the leading way to prevent and eliminate gum disease, receding gums, plaque, bacteria, stains, and germs.
  • 3 Modes: Pick one of three modes. Deep cleaning, Massaging, or Sensitivity.
  • Easy to Use: Apply toothpaste evenly on to mouthpiece, pick a mode, place the toothbrush in the mouth, push the on button, and it will automatically shut off in 45 seconds.
  • Easy Cleanup: Rise with water after each use then place the ultrasonic toothbrush on the charging base.


Yes, Moddy cleans deep down and between the teeth, where a conventional toothbrush cannot go. Ultrasounds remove plaque and bacteria, ensuring optimal hygiene.

The technology used by Moddy is innovative. Recommended by dentists, the Moddy brush ensures effective brushing in only 60 seconds compared to 3 minutes for manual brushing

The silicone bristles of the Moddy brush are softer and more gum-friendly than the nylon bristles of traditional toothbrushes. In addition to being more effective, they are not harmful to the gums.

Silicone does not retain bacteria once cleaned. Used in medicine and food, silicone has all the properties to ensure perfect hygiene, much more than a conventional toothbrush.

The soft silicone tray adapts to all types of jaws and teeth, even on rings, bridges and implants.

3 Times More Effective Than Manual Brushing